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South Asia Admissions Partner- Exclusive for EUAS, Estonia

We are the exclusive Student Recruitment Partner for EUAS, Estonia!

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS), founded in 1992, is the largest private university in Estonia. Much like a modern company, EUAS is organized around its core services or curriculum. Every curriculum is managed and developed by its Head of Curriculum, who leads a team of lecturers, guest lecturers and advisory professionals from a network of companies from the respective field. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences provides a range of different scholarships, grants, and allowances and here you can find scholarship, grant, and allowance info for all levels.

Hey! Getting started with your studies at EUAS is actually quite simple.

All you need is a good motivation towards your education and passion to drive change!

Studies at EUAS can be demanding. It's a university for active, creative and driven people.

If you have ambition, plans and dreams, then EUAS is the right choice for you.

Feel free to contact EUAS regional partner office for applying and admission processing


Call:  +91 93198 31133/ +91 97178 01133

Exclusive Admissions Partners- India, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Eligibility Criteria

For Bachelors

  • Internationally recognized higher secondary education with a minimum of 50% and above on each subject that appears on the grade-sheet/transcript 

  • IELTS certificate proficiency of 5.5 and above, with no band below 5.5, and speaking with a minimum band of 6.0

For Masters: 

  • Internationally recognized graduation degree, with a minimum aggregate of 60% and above, and no failures in any subject;

  • IELTS certificate, proficiency of 6.0 and above, with no band below 5.5, and speaking with a minimum band of 6.0;

  • Preferably at least 3 years of professional experience


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Startup Entrepreneurship

Degree: Bachelors | Duration: 3 Years | Tuition Fee: € 5480 Per Year

Establishing a startup and a traditional company are two different things. This program is for you if you are proactive and willing to work hard towards building your own startup company. Startup Entrepreneurship is an intense learning-by-doing curriculum where you'll learn business by building your own innovative company.


Creativity and Business Innovation

Degree: Bachelors | Duration: 3 Years | Tuition Fee: € 5480 Per Year

Creativity and Business Innovation is a program for aspiring entrepreneurs, product and service managers and corporate leaders. Built on a foundation of best business practices, the curriculum will train you to discover and develop novel business models, inspire co-founders and employees and manage a growing organisation. Nearly a quarter of the curriculum comprises of real-life problem-solving as a part of corporate internships in different European markets. As a unique opportunity in Estonia, you can study for a semester on the same program at EUAS' partner universities: Vilnius University of Applied Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania; Polytechnic Institute of Porto in Porto, Portugal.


Game Design and Development

Degree: Bachelors | Duration: 3 Years | Tuition Fee: € 5480 Per Year

Game Design and Development is a curriculum designed to provide skills for both mobile and PC games development as well as starting up your own game company. A game designer is a core member of the team, a specialist for developing great game mechanics and captivating gameplay. A game designer is well-versed in software development, computer graphics and business thinking.

software development.jpeg

Software Development and Entrepreneurship

Degree: Bachelors | Duration: 3 Years | Tuition Fee: € 5480 Per Year

Software Development and Entrepreneurship program is for you if you want to have the software development, design and teamwork skills to begin your career as a software developer in Estonia or anywhere in the world. This is also the program for you if you're looking for a solid foundation in IT and business upon which to build your own software company or startup.


MBA-International Business Administration

Degree: Masters | Duration: 2 Years | Tuition Fee: € 5720 Per Year

The MBA program International Business Administration takes a cross-disciplinary approach to building a comprehensive understanding of the international business environment in which today’s managers make business decisions. Emphasis is put on leadership, entrepreneurial management and building a healthy organisation. 

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