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Welcome to EIT InnoEnergy Professional Learning

EIT InnoEnergy is proud to host hundreds of learning hours of self-paced online training in the field of sustainable energy. The online contents are structured in courses, which consist of modules being build up by single learning nuggets. Learning levels are defined into three levels: Introductory – Intermediate – Advanced.
Organizations can buy packages of fixed courses for a group of applicants, which can be either run on our platform as cloud-service or integrated in the learning infrastructure of the customers. Here the cost-structure follows the course costs in combination with a strong discount scheme for packages according to the number of applicants.
Further, EIT InnoEnergy can also create tailored online-training solution packages according to the needs of the clients. EIT InnoEnergy can stack up tailored learning programs out of its modules and nuggets and does not necessarily follow the course logics in the standard way. Here together with the customer EIT InnoEnergy learning experts will set up the best learning solutions according to the needs of the partner and the goals to be achieved. Here it is usual, to pay per learning hour and learner in combination with a strong discount scheme according to the number of learners.
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Storage & Storage Technologies >


Understand the drivers, challenges, megatrends, technologies and next-generation solutions in energy and battery storage.

Energy storage business and energy storage technologies

Business Model Innovation >

Digital Mind

Identify and analyse new business models to foster innovation and support new venture creation in sustainable energy.

Business Model Innovation

Digital Transformation >

Special Effects

Explore the impact of decentralisation, digitisation and the unstoppable integration of the Internet of Things on the energy sector.


Sustainable Energy Trends >

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Discover recent breakthroughs in technologies, systems and processes that will shape the future of sustainable energy.

Different aspects of Sustainable Energy

Why choose our courses?

Boost your career
Gain in-demand skills and cutting-edge knowledge to stand out and become a game-changer in the energy sector.


Get inspired
Learn from thought leaders and top experts working in leading companies, start-ups and universities.


Learn at your own pace
Learn by using video training, interactive assignments and business cases, and save time by skipping what you already know.


Learn anytime, anywhere
Study at the office, at home, on the bus or in the park. Study anywhere for that matter, as long as you have an internet connection.


Be part of a global community 
Exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate with peers from different parts of the globe. 


Get certified
Receive a certificate with a LinkedIn-integrated URL that verifies your achievement and helps you boost your job prospects.

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