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Online-Training & B2B Learning Solutions: Accelerating Sustainable Energy Innovations


Blended Professional Courses

Special Effects

Providing products and services for start-ups and scale ups, innovators, students & learners and sustainable energy solutions for corporates, we deliver tailored learning and education solutions to universities and corporates from our partner EIT InnoEnergy.

The EIT is a unique EU initiative, the only one to fully integrate business, education and research. Together with their leading partners, they offer a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship activities. This includes education courses that combine technical and entrepreneurial skills, business creation and acceleration services and innovation driven research projects.

EIT InnoEnergy's professional learning solutions gives you a single-point of access to thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, career information, and innovative start-ups so you can spend your time learning with experts and getting hands-on experience. Here engineering and technical knowledge is combined with commercial awareness and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Storage & Storage Technologies

Understand the drivers, challenges, megatrends, technologies and next-generation solutions in energy and battery storage. 

Business Model Innovation

Identify and analyse new business models to foster innovation and support new venture creation in sustainable energy.   

Digital Transformation

Explore the impact of decentralisation, digitisation and the unstoppable integration of the Internet of Things on the energy sector.

Sustainable Energy Trends

Discover recent breakthroughs in technologies, systems and processes that will shape the future of sustainable energy.

Storage & Storage Technologies

The energy storage online skills set was produced by EIT InnoEnergy in strong collaboration with the European Battery Alliance, the leading pan-European network for the Battery industry in Europe.

Business Model Innovation and Energy (Storage) Regulation

Mobility storage business models are not necessarily in for (r)evolution as the numbers of EVs and FCVs on the road increase. But major changes are on the way as refueling is performed with the development of charging-as-a-service. We will look at the following business models:


  1. Vehicle business models;
    1.1 Proprietary and easing models
    1.2 Battery leasing
    1.3 Mobility as a service

  2. Charging business models

Digital Transformation

One of the largest drivers of energy transformation will be the “5 d´s”: democratization, decarbonization, deregulation, decentralization, and digitization. Taking this into account, EIT InnoEnergy is strongly working on digitization learning contents in energy:  

Sustainable Energy Trends

Looking at the other four aspects out of those 5 d´s sustainable energy has a lot of different aspects to look at. Within this thematic package we try to have a look at some of the aspects and clarify them for the learner in different ways.  
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