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Germany is the most popular option for international students looking to study in Europe.

German universities offers world-class education and their degrees have a high prestige around the world. Both public and private German universities are offering around 19,000 courses and degrees. There are hundreds of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs offered now in the English language, which is also a big attraction for international students. Non-EU students have an opportunity to permanently stay in Germany. They get an 18th-month job-seeking visa after completion of the degree. If a person gets a full-time job with a long term contract. Then he becomes eligible for permanent settlement in Germany.

Students of public universities can enjoy German language courses free of cost. Most of the Public Universities in Germany don’t charge tuition fees but charge 200 to 500 euros as administrative charges for each semester.

Universities of only one German state, which is Baden-Württemberg, charge full tuition fees ranging between 1500-1700 euros per semester.

In case a student seeks to study in Germany a basic requirement is: Minimum 5.5 band in IELTS (Overall) minimum score of 50 percent for bachelors or masters.

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