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About Latvia

Latvia is known for it cultural history and heritage. By choosing to study in Latvia, you get to study in a country that is ranked above-average among the world's sovereign states in democracy, press freedom, privacy and human development. Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests. Latvia’s capital is Riga, home to notable wooden and art nouveau architecture, a vast Central Market and a medieval Old Town with St. Peter's Church. Riga's museums include the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, showcasing local crafts, food and music.

Why Choose Latvia

  1. Latvia offers all the benefits of living in a European country with lower costs than many westernized EU Countries

  2. Latvia is easily accessible by land, sea or air, and has the largest railway terminal and international airport in the Baltics

  3. Affordable tuition fee, starting as low as 2 lakhs per year

  4. Latvia ranks in the top 10 in Global Average Connection Speeds Rankings, with one of the the fastest internet in the world

  5. 6-months post study visa, that allows students access to all Schengen countries to search for a job

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Why Latvia Through The Global Avenues​

  1. Above 90% visa success rate

  2. Supporting you at every step of your journey

  3. Offering various courses and a wide range of areas of studies

  4. Universities offering world-recognised degrees

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Universities to apply in Latvia​ through TGA

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